Stretch and rigid ribbons for clothing, with logo if required.

In polyester and cotton, in different compositions, these ribbons are created for all uses in clothing

Ribbons for tailors and waistbands for trousers, with logo if required

Our products for tailors include classic waistbands, both for sport clothes and suits, ribbons with rubber and waistbands in different heights and weights. All articles can be personalized on request.

Jacquard ribbons

Our ribbons are not printed but created on looms in jacquard which gives an embroidery effect. In these years we have created new items following fashion trend.

Bordi tela Aida

Articles in high quality cotton 100% in different colours and heights. Packed in 10 or 20 mt rolls for wholesalers and haberdashery.

Fashion ribbons in cotton and whool

In addition to poliester ribbons, we have a wide range of articles made in cotton and wool. These items are created to meet the requirements of a new market which requires more and more ecologic and natural articles.